Alex Preston
Alex Preston learned to sew when she was little, but started sewing more while she was pregnant. Her first project was making baby Rosie some burp rags, and then she moved on to curtains for the house. The main inspiration for her hot packs came from the pain of pregnancy. She was having migraines, mother's shoulder, and lower back pain, and knew that other moms were experiencing the same physical pains. Medicine is discouraged during pregnancy, so Alex set out to figure determine would work.

Rosie's Toy Chest officially started in November of 2017, but Alex has always been crafting with her kids. Everything is made by hand and full of love. The rice hot packs are hand-sewn with 100% cotton and infused with lavender essential oils. Her hope is to grow in order to connect with other moms and fill their needs like a big box store can’t.

Alex is originally from Chicago, Illinois but has lived in Jacksonville, Florida for 20 years. She considers her two children, Rose Marie and Leah Riley, her biggest accomplishments. When not crafting, Alex enjoys indie music, nature walks, and the beach.

Alyssa Slusher
Alyssa Slusher is a self-taught jewelry maker using online tutorials. She hand-weaves every single ring into the pieces she makes, ensuring each ring is closed smoothly. Anodized aluminum is mostly used in her jewelry, though she’ll occasionally use stainless steel or bronze. A lot of time and care goes into her jewelry, and her love for it shows in her work. Eventually, she would love to quit her day job and make jewelry for a living.

Amanda Phelps
Amanda Phelps is a self-taught artist. She learned by scouring books and the internet for art tips and tutorials, creating a make-shift art education for herself. She also gets amazing inspiration, feedback, and support from artist friends she meets with every Wednesday at Starbucks. Amanda has been drawing seriously since 2013. While she does a lot of digital work in Photoshop, her traditional medium of choice is pen and ink, occasionally copic marker.

Amanda loves the look of pen and ink illustrations. “There's something elegant and timeless about them, like you could find it in a 100-year old tome.” She hopes to capture striking and dramatic imagery in her own unique style, getting down into those tiny details and hoping her dedication to small details shines through in her work. Her long-term goal is to work at a game studio as a concept artist, as well as create illustrations for books as cover art or inside of the pages.

Andrew Clark & Brittany Gontner (Element Earth Works)
Andrew and Brittany have been making natural home and body products for four years together. When Andrew was a child, his mother made soaps and candles at home with him, which later became a hobby that eventually turned into a business.

Only 100% natural mediums are used in their home and body products. The line is free of synthetics, unnatural dyes, and artificial preservatives. The soy wax for their candles is derived through a synthetic-free extraction. Natural essential oils and plant-based USDA organic fragrance oils are used for all of their products. The colorants for their soaps are natural products like nettle leaf and Moroccan red clay that are sustainably sourced.

Anthony & Kathy Luke (Steam Inspired Kreations)
Anthony and Kathy Luke create unique pieces together that push the envelope. Anthony is a self-taught artist who learned woodworking and wiring while growing up. Kathy has always been artsy and loved crafting. They both enjoy bringing ideas from their brains into fruition and have done so for several years. Through woodworking, metalworking, painting, and pipes, they have crafted many one-off pieces that stand out due to their creativity.

Anthony is originally from South Georgia, and is a dark fantasy/steampunk author when he’s not crafting. Kathy is from Gainesville and enjoys decorating. They are both book collectors and thrift store junkies.

Ashley Sarroca
Ashley Sarroca has been creating art since the day she picked up a crayon. She attended the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and graduated from SCAD with a Bachelor of Arts. Inspired by nature, emotions, experiences, and memories, she likes to work with graphite and acrylic materials, as well as digital. She has been creating for over 25 years and currently works as a freelance Video Game Concept Artist. Ashley has also illustrated a children’s book and app, Abigail's Tales!

Carmen Wrentmore (Fraizsa)
We always ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a girl, Carmen Wrentmore had no problem answering that one. She was going to be a fairy princess, astronaut, artist. It was a lot to ask for, but children are allowed to dream big! Sadly, there were not a lot of open positions for fairy princess, so at 18 she joined the Navy and left Phoenix Arizona. It was a good decision, because it turns out that any place they have Navy ships, they also have beaches! Carmen was stationed in Hawaii, and after growing up in the desert it was just so lush and beautiful. When her enlistment was over, she got out of the Navy and married right back in. They continued to travel to new duty stations. It was a great opportunity to see new places and try new things.

For a profession, Carmen became a massage therapist, and loved it. She felt very fortunate to be doing a job she actually enjoyed. After 23 years she involuntarily retired from doing massage by way of elbow surgery. A couple months later she moved to Florida and the question came back to her: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It seemed odd to be asking that again so many years later.

While she never did become a fairy princess, she did buy herself a tiara and feels quite fabulous in it! She won’t ever be an astronaut, but she is still an avid fan of space exploration and watches with excitement as they plan expeditions to Mars and beyond. As for being an artist, it’s something she’s always done in her spare time as a hobby. She considers herself blessed with a large amount of creativity, but hindered by a very short attention span! It makes her very diverse and highly chaotic. Some of what she attempts comes out amazing, while some of it may not meet her standards.

Celeste Barrera (Sully)
Celeste Barrera is a self-taught grayscale artist, using acrylic paint, colored pencils, and watercolor mediums. She is inspired by music and nature, and has been creating for as long as she can remember. She has also experimented painting with blood! Celeste is from Merced, California and is bilingual. She hopes to continue creating for the rest of her life.

Christiana Broughton (Aunumwolf)
Christiana Broughton is a Jacksonville native who has a deep love for animals and bringing creations to life. She has been creating from the moment she first picked up a pencil and has always enjoyed dressing up as animals, princesses, and monsters for a variety of events. She started working with 2D and 3D art as well as sculpture in high school, which quickly progressed into costuming along with digital art. Her art awarded her a scholarship to college where she continued her studies.

Christiana prefers to stick to her roots as a traditional artist, but also enjoys working with digital mediums to create fantasy and cartoon-inspired artworks. She prefers drawing and sketching with a paper and pencil, as well as sculpting with clay. For digital art, she uses a tablet and Photoshop to create illustrations. Inspiration is constantly pulled from video games, movies, nature photography, museums and art galleries, mythology, fantasy, as well as both real and fabricated animals. Her muses include Dark Natasha, Todd Lockwood, Allison Theus (Beast of Oblivion), Alphonse Mucha, Guillermo del Toro, Lisa Frank, and Beatrix Potter.

When Christiana discovered anime and comic conventions, she branched out into designing and creating creature costumes and other original characters. Using special effect materials, she sculpts masks out of wax clay, creates a silicone mold, and then casts the sculpture in resin. This makes it easier to attach fur, plastics, and air-dry clay. Due to the quality and complexity of her costuming process, she has been asked to host panels at conventions to share her knowledge of resin casting, crafting, plus sewing. This has all brought her one step closer to her dream of helping others convert their visions into reality through concept art and custom costumes.

Christy Sames
Life as a correctional officer has its ups and downs for Christy Sames. She uses her creativity as an outlet to relieve stress and nurture her artistic abilities. Using acrylic paint and canvas, she creates one-of-a-kind color combinations inspired by her moods and emotions. Christy has lived all over the U.S. and Iceland. Her father was in the Navy, which opened up her life to a variety of experiences. She has been a corrections officer for 19 years and counting. One day she would like to step away from corrections and become a full-time painter.

Crystal Israel (Black Box Baked Goods)
Black Box Baked Goods uses natural, local ingredients whenever possible. Many of the recipes are Southern with a hint of nostalgia in the flavors. Their jams also tend to have less sugar and be more fruit forward. The long-term goal is to share delicious jams with everyone!

Crystal Isreal has been a self-taught baker and preserve maker for five years. She’s always had a love for the kitchen, but it wasn’t until she left corporate America that she was able to pursue culinary adventures full-time. “Food is unifying. No matter the culture, it brings people together. In this day and age I think it’s important that we eat real food.”

Crystal also believes that it’s important to slow down and make things. For her, focusing on a recipe is very calming in an increasingly busy world. She was born in Charleston, South Carolina but has lived up and down the East coast. She lived in Jacksonville as a child and made her way back as an adult 15 years ago.

Debby Gibson (Sage Gardens)
Debby Gibson is a Certified Herbalist, which lead her to use food and herbs. Her tooth powder is considered a family heirloom (this was how people’s great-grandparents cleaned their teeth: no chemicals, foaming agents, fluoride, or artificial ingredients). Debby’s kitchen is her studio. After getting certified in herbal studies in 2010, she sold salves, tea, spices, and tooth powder. With the popularity of the tooth powder, she decided to specialize in making that specific product. She even entered and was chosen to be one of HEB's Best of Texas Personal Care Products.

Debby lives in Bandera, Texas--about an hour northwest of San Antonio in the Texas Hill Country--on 10 acres of land with chickens, dogs and cats, fruit trees, and an amazing vegetable garden. Her goal is to see people smiling: "At Sage Gardens, we strive to promote a healthy lifestyle, knowing that few outer expressions radiate love and gratitude and much as a simple smile." She is working toward getting organically certified and adds organic herbs along with all-natural ingredients. Debby believes life and how we live our life is art; that everyone experiences beauty and love, manifesting their own unique expression through the simple act of living intentionally. Art is a natural expression of life.

Dirk Goettling & Evelin Ibaceta (Develins)
Dirk and Evelyn are self-taught artists who have spent the last 10 years honing their skills. Inspiration comes to them from everywhere, whether it is nature, industrial, Zen Tangle, mysticism, ancient symbolism and culture, or other artists. With every art piece or project they try to invoke some sort of emotion by combining the beauty of the natural materials with complex patterns and hints of vibrant color. They also use classic designs to adorn normally plain ordinary items.

80% of the materials they utilize are reclaimed or recycled to create wall-hung wood pyrographic and watercolor pieces accented with resin and leather; mortar and pestles with pyrographic mystical designs; as well as carved and pyrographic designed wood spoons and turned bowls.

Dirk grew up in Denver, Colorado and Evelin grew up in Vina del Mar, Chile. In their 13 years together they have lived all over the United States, ranging from Miami, Florida to Kealakekua, Hawaii. Almost every art project is a collaboration between the two of them. They have yet to meet a couple who can work and live as harmoniously as they enjoy doing.

Dustin Resch
Dustin Resch is a digital painter with a BA in Media Arts & Animation from the Art Institute of Colorado and an MFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art College. He starts off with traditional media which eventually passes through a computer and tablet. He is inspired by gestures and emotions, such as a graceful movement or magical moments with lighting.

Dustin’s experience includes 15 years of illustration and fine art, with 25 years of graphic art and web design. He works primarily in portraits, including a little bit of stylization and exaggeration while striving for likenesses and finding some identifying emotion in each subject. His biggest art moment was having a portrait of Conan O'Brien get selected to appear on his TV show, which was featured in a NYC gallery exhibition of Conan Art. His piece was the advertising frontispiece, printed 14 feet high on the front windows of the Time Warner building in Columbus Circle.

Born and bred in Denver, Dustin is currently working on getting his children’s books published. He hopes to keep gaining traction in galleries and shops with his illustration work, as well as continuing to sell at various pop culture conventions.

Emily Carrier
Emily Carrier has been drawing ever since she held her first crayon. Born in Savannah, Georgia, she attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating with a B.F.A. in Illustration. Her preferred mediums include watercolor, ink, and traditional materials. Heavily inspired by Disney artists, she uses playful linework and adds watercolor on top to create a whimsical feel. Her style creates a quirky, playful mood that shows the world how she sees things: happy and whimsical.

Emily has been featured as a local artist in her hometown magazine as well as participated in various art shows, including two solo galleries. Her goal is to grow her freelance illustration into a small business to continue creating artistic works for people, or even join a small business that uses art to bring joy to others.

Emily grew up in a small town south of a lovely city called Hinesville. Some of her favorite Disney movies are The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast, and Tangled. She is a massive nerd when it comes to Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean; she could sit and quote them for hours.

Emily Ryan (Rival Art Designs)
Emily Ryan has been a digital cartoonist since 2009. She started working on her jewelry in April of 2017 and has been focused primarily on this avenue since then. Her work is currently focused on glass and crystal beads, along with semi-precious stones used in wire wrapping or beading. She also takes an interest in using recycled materials wherever possible. All of her learning has come by trial and error. She sat down one day at a table and just started trying to take old jewelry apart and combine it into new and interesting pieces. The process has been a continual evolution of this same idea.

Ultimately, she would like to move exclusively to using semi-precious and precious stones in her work, including the use of only gold, silver, and other precious metals as well. She was raised in Jacksonville.

Jami Childers
Jami Childers was inspired by her grandfather to turn her love for drawing into a passion for painting. Her art education comes from workshops and a couple of classes at FSCJ. She works in several art mediums and is constantly evolving and learning new ways to express herself. Having started with watermedia, she always comes back to it. She finds inspiration in the sand, skies, Earth, and the many creatures that inhabit it. As you can see from her work, color is important to the way she expresses herself. Jami is drawn to bright, bold colors that evoke emotion. Texture is another component that plays an integral role in the depth of her art, as she uses newspaper and magazines as a base. The paper she uses is relevant to each piece.

Jami has won awards from the Jacksonville Coalition for Visual Arts, Jacksonville’s Watercolor Society, St. Augustine Art Society, and Southlight Gallery. Her goal is to keep reinventing herself and her art. Originally from California, she moved to Florida when she  was 19 on a Greyhound bus and has vowed to never travel via bus cross country again.

Jennifer Evitts & Swan Rubins (Hairy Farmpit Girls)
Jennifer and Swan had a dream of raising goats and being milk maids. This dream soon turned into a reality, where they were turning goat milk into cheese, yogurt, and butter. Eventually, a friend suggested they start making soap--the product wouldn’t go bad, and they would be the best-smelling goat girls around! As self-taught soap makers, they create each bar of soap to be its own unique piece. Most soap makers use maybe a splash or two of goat milk that often comes from big dairy industries, or goat milk powder with water. The soap from Hairy Farmpit Girls is made with 100% Nigerian dwarf and Lamancha goat milk and is freshly unique.

Jennifer and Swan use their excellent sense of smell to create exquisite fragrances. They love coming up with new blends and often experiment with other soap fragrances on the market. They use everything from herbs in their garden to flowers, raiding spice racks for paprika and turmeric on a weekly basis to make some beautiful colors in their soaps. Some bars contain micas, cocoa powder, coffee, flaxseed, or activated charcoal. Their moods are often reflected in their soaps--in shades of blue or their wardrobe of black and gray. They’ve even created soaps that look like sunsets! They also work in puns with a lot of their products. Instead of whimsical names, some of their products are named after doo-doo jokes.

Jennifer has worked off and on in artisan body product creations for 7 years, while Swan, the soap artist, has been fine tuning her soap art for a year. The Hairy Farmpits Girls started as a Facebook page in 2014 where they blogged about their chickens. The two of them run the business and make all of the decisions, using sustainable, environmental, and animal-friendly farming practices.

Jessi Bain
Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Jessi Bain attended LaVilla School of the Arts and Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, receiving a Bachelors in Fine Arts from The Art Institute (Miami University of Art and Design). When she was in elementary school she painted a salamander on a rock and her art teacher loved it so much that she entered it in a competition! It is on display in D.C.

Jessi has always worked in different styles, starting with melting crayon wax to create abstract textures and colors. When she saw alcohol ink she thought, "that'd be cool on glass" so she tried it out and loved it! Not many people think to light things on fire to see what'll happen, but Jessi likes to experiment with colors and her creativity!

Jim Maxwell
Jim Maxwell has always been interested in the artistry inherent in engineering. Wood, textiles, lighter metals, and resins are used in the creation of his cat cubbies. They are usually new or reclaimed materials, such as lumber and carpeting pieces left over from new home construction or remodeling projects. Each piece is made with thought and the consideration of how they will be used. His cat cubbies are made from different carpeting for kitties of all types to enjoy, and include a scratching post and hairbrush to rub on.

Growing up in the Midwest, Jim has worked 15 years in the bread baking business and 15 years in financial services. Both required patience and careful oversight while the assets rose. Jim enjoys improving existing designs and utilizing that knowledge for the next project.

Kayla & Sam Taylor (Tea Nation)
Kayla has been blending teas for 15 years. She was having health issues and was told to try milk thistle tea, but didn't like the taste so she mixed it with some of the teas she had and that got her into learning more about blending teas and herbs; not just for medicinal purposes, but for taste as well. After having heart surgery in her early 20s, she was told that she'd have to be on medication for the rest of her life; a medication that made her feel sicker than her disease did. Out of desperation, she went to a holistic healing center and was able to come off her medication, gained back her quality of life, and decided then to turn her condition into a mission to help others heal. Switching careers from being an English professor to being a Nutritional Therapist and Holistic Healer culminated in the opening of her own wellness center, Way of Life Wellness, in 2016. It was a natural progression to start blending teas as part of her services and the concept caught on. She decided to rebrand the tea portion of her business into its own entity and that's how Tea Nation was born.

Kayla has an arsenal of over 150 herbs and teas that she works with regularly. The endless combinations for both flavor and healing properties makes coming up with new blends exciting. What truly inspires her is when a customer tells her that one of the blends has had a huge impact on his or her life. She’s had clients on habitual sleeping medications who have come off of them just by drinking one of the blends; diabetic clients have been able to regulate their blood sugar numbers by drinking diabeTEAs; clients have moved away from anti-depressants, instead managing their condition with a stress tea. That is truly why she does this. Kayla gets immense joy from helping people gain back control of their health and their lives.

Tea Nation is on a mission to make natural healing mainstream. “We're not your grandma's tea company; we are pushing the envelope to break the mold of tea being this proper drink.” Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. They aim to make Tea Nation a household name across the country.

Kayla grew up in Great Neck, NY which is about 15 miles west of Manhattan. Her husband Sam is from Florida, where they currently reside. Kayla was named one of the 2018 Top Leading Women in Business by Jacksonville Business Connections. She is on the board of the First Coast Holistic Alliance working to elevate holistic and natural wellness in the Jacksonville area. In addition to running Tea Nation, she sees clients as a Nutritional Therapist, Reiki Energy Healer, Intuitive Counselor, and Medium/Spiritual Channeler.

Kristy Alexander (Apple Rose Beauty)
Chemistry is Kristy Alexander’s first love. When she was 15 years old, she analyzed cosmetics in a Chemistry class and knew at that moment that she wanted to start a cosmetics company. She’s been a student of formulation ever since, holding advanced degrees in Engineering and Management Science and studied formally with internationally acclaimed Formula Botanica Accredited Organic Cosmetic Science School.

Apple Rose Beauty was officially launched in late 2015. Named after two victims of human trafficking, Apple Rose Beauty has a big heart with a mission to employ human trafficking survivors and support organizations involved in their rescue and rehabilitation. We are more than a skincare company. We challenge and inspire world changers. We support, we speak life, we build-up, we restore, and we celebrate and encourage the beauty in ourselves and others that is more than skin deep. The Bloom Beautifully Vitamin C Super Serum was featured as a 'must-have' skincare in Jacksonville Magazine. Kristy was featured on the Millennial CEO panel at the Powering Florida conference. She’s appeared on the television programs "The Chat" and "River City Live" and on the "But First, Brunch" podcast. She also serves on the board for the Jacksonville Chamber Foundation's Jacksonville Women's Business Center and is an ambassador for the Northeast Florida Human Trafficking Coalition.

Kristy was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean. Her parents were big on natural/organic remedies for everything so she grew up with a strong appreciation for the power of nature for our everyday lives.

Melissa and Ronnie Cenizal (Heartfelt Tokens)
Ronnie and Melissa Cenizal create beautiful jewelry out of metal. Melissa uses metal stamps to customize softer metals such as copper, aluminum, and brass. She has been working with metal stamps since 2011. Her creations are customized, which make them very personal to the recipient. She showcases other sayings and quotes that can inspire and uplift the wearer as well. Melissa was born in Wildwood, FL, just south of Ocala and moved to Jacksonville at age 11 and has been here ever since.

Ronnie specializes in antique silver plated silverware to craft into jewelry such as bracelets and rings. He is working on his second year of silverware crafting. His uniqueness lies completely in the rarity and beauty of the silverware piece that the jewelry is made up from. Ronnie was born and raised in Jacksonville after his father was stationed at NAS Jax.

Melissa and Ronnie met as teens and became good friends, ultimately evolving into marriage and a family with two beautiful children. They just celebrated their 24th anniversary.

Paula Rukab (Swara Jewelry)
Paula Rukab creates unique timeless pieces with natural gemstones. Each piece is handmade and no two are identical. Her jewelry is gold-plated brass and nickel-free. She has been creating for 5 years as a self-taught artist. Her goal is to accessorize women all over the world, and she was named one of the Top 3 Women in Business from Jacksonville Business Connections.

Rachael Loeks
Rachael Loeks is a self-taught artist and has been painting for 14 years. She uses watercolor and mixed mediums in her work, experimenting with new mediums and investing a lot of emotion into each piece. She is in love with fantasy, mermaids, fae, and all things magical. Rachael grew up primarily in Pennsylvania and New York, but has lived in Florida for the last 14 years.

Reid Moon
Reid Moon learned to weld at school and his creativity comes naturally. His pieces are made from metal and wood, and he uses old, used, rusty, and painted metal objects. He has always been creating and building things his whole life. Working with his hands is something he always loved doing. He tries to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Sandra Leigh
Sandra Leigh is a natural storyteller. Ever since she could talk, she would weave tales together for anyone who would listen. She is inspired by ‘what if?’s and questions that make her explore the answers. Once she starts writing, scenes flow naturally. Her stories often inspire her art, which is made from found materials like old bead strands and thrift store finds. She also uses spices and other organic materials to stain kitchen implements.

Sandra lives right here in Jacksonville and was self-taught, with a printing class taken at FSCJ. One of the newest things she’s learned how to do is woodburning. One of her goals is to see her art on puzzles, and she dreams of finding her books on bestseller lists or made into movies. Her overall goal is to have her art enjoyed in as many homes as possible.

Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor’s dad got him into creating pens, and after getting laid off in 2015 he opened his business as a way to cover bills. Now having a full-time job he doesn't have to worry about the bills, but still enjoys woodworking when he can. Woodworking allows him to play with colors and textures, as well as other materials. He works with acrylic, wood, metal, glass, and also places things IN acrylic to get a whole new series of possibilities. He leans towards bright, bold colors, including colorful woods like Purpleheart, Padauk, Zebrawood, and Flame Elder.

Originally born in St. Louis, Steven was a Navy brat and spent time in the military himself. He’s lived in California, Hawaii, Virginia, and Florida.

Taylor Rudy (Messy Kitty Gear)
Taylor Rudy is a self-taught graphic artist and designer, having created art ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She’s stumbled into all of her crafts and puts her whole heart into each one. Preferring the hands-on approach, Taylor likes working with mediums that create usable products or stand out.

Taylor has been making cat ears by hand for two years, inspired by the kawaii aesthetic and Harajuku district in Japan, so her style includes bright pastel colors that catch the eye. No animals are harmed in the process of her art, as she only uses faux fur.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Taylor has been living in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas for most of her life. She hopes to one day open her own boutique selling the clothing she designs along with cute handmade accessories.

Thomas Hand
Thomas Hand is the Owner of Subculture Corsets and Clothing, Golden Goat Trading Company, and Subculture Shoes. He enjoys doing taxidermy on the side to relax and unwind from a long day of doing business. The bats are imported from Indonesia and coated with resin for durability.

Tiffany Sarroca
Tiffany Sarroca majored in sculpture, primarily working with clay, wood, and metals. She found passion in the craft of creation with her bare hands, often merging found objects. Despite all her creations, there was a calling from the past to another form of art: the beauty of tattoos in all their glory. The more she studied the vast spread around the world, the more the fire within her grew. Some of her tattoos were earned with the passing of time, others obtained by overcoming trials, symbols of adulthood and status. No matter the style, each one was beautiful in its own way. She’s versatile in many different styles from traditional, Polynesian, tribal, geometric, Japanese, black work, water color, new school, mandalas, and more.

She works with super sculpey, clays, copics, acrylic paints, gold leaf, microns, and other materials. She is  inspired by her older sister, Ashley Sarroca. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Tiffany is an avid traveler of the world, having visited Texas, Ohio, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Jamaica, Detroit, and more.

Tiffany’s work has been featured at different galleries such as the Cummer Art Museum, GAAM, and at charity auctions for Women's Giving Alliance and the Humane Society. She hopes to become a tattoo artist and a clothing line designer in the future.

Tiffany Selden (bArtisans)
Tiffany Seldon studied at The Studios of Florida Holistic Health. She wanted to create something that not only smelled good, but would also bring pleasure to all of the senses. After learning about the craft, she started research and development before going into production. The cobalt blue apothecary jars offer a calming effect before even taking one sniff of the all-natural, highly fragrant soy candles. She’s inspired by the thought that something she created brings someone else joy.

Tiffany is from the city of Brotherly Love, home of Rocky Balboa and the Philly Cheesesteak: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Blessed with many gifts and talents, she is a gourmet cook, making meals out of the simplest of ingredients. She travels extensively just for the love of food. Her secret dream is to one day have a show of her own, where she can inspire others to create.

Tim Edwards
Tim Edwards began creating art in elementary school. Although never completing any formal art education, he attended Oswego State University in New York as well as the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in the early/mid 1980s. He actually lived the “starving artist” moniker until he was forced to change his life’s direction and put away his dream of becoming a full-time artist. With encouragement from his wife and two daughters, the passion for creating art that was dormant for nearly 25 years was reignited. He works primarily in oils but also uses pen/ink and watercolor. His objective is to create thought-provoking paintings, pushing to inspire the viewer to look beyond the art piece and try to envision what is transpiring, feel an emotion and make up their own story for what they see. He classifies his art as realism with a touch of the surreal. “A successful piece of artwork doesn’t leave the person as they continue on…it stays with them in some little way.”

Born and raised in rural Upstate New York, Tim moved to Orlando in 1990.  He began exhibiting at several Florida-area juried outdoor art shows as well as showing art at various local Orlando art galleries. In addition, he has done artwork for books and graphic novels, as well as commission pieces. His long-term goal is to create and maintain a following in the dark art genre, while continuing to explore opportunities and push himself to continue to grow as an artist. In May 2018 he received an Award of Excellence at the St. John’s River Festival of the Arts. As he continued to exhibit at these shows, he started to gain a reputation as an artist with a different view on the world, and enjoys getting the chance to meet and talk to people about how his art affects them.

Tucker Juan (Topsy Toffee)
Topsy Toffee is a local, fun, fresh product made here in Jacksonville that you can take on your adventure around town. The homemade specialty toffee is gluten-free and made in small batches from the recipe book of Tucker Juan’s mother to keep the integrity of freshness and flavor. It has the highest standard of natural ingredients, and the pecans are locally sourced. There are no artificial ingredients, flavors, or dyes in the toffee. Topsy, the kayaking girl on the logo, represents getting back in nature on the St. John River.

Tucker Juan has been creating delicious toffee for four years. He loves it when people tell him how much they enjoy his toffee. He plans to branch out regionally so everyone in the area can enjoy delicious slivered almonds, toffee, chocolate, and crushed pecans!

Tyler Creek
Tyler Creek learned to create his art through trial and error. He works in reclaimed wood, ink, paint, and charcoal to create stunning pieces with unique textures and patterns. Influences come to him from everywhere and he is filled with curiosity. The pieces he’s been making lately are just a footprint of where he wants to go with things.

Tyler is a Florida native. He has been working with theatre houses and production groups for the past 15 years and recently traveled with festivals to produce larger interactive art.

Vanessa Alverado & Anthony Copeland (Body & Soul)
Body & Soul is a local apothecary producing natural body care using folk medicine that has been passed down throughout the generations. They research and go down to the molecular level when choosing essential oils and botanicals for products. The herbal extracts are made in-house. “We know they work and make a difference!”

Vanessa Alverado attended the Florida School of Holistic Health for two years where she was certified in at least 35 different natural healing arts and completed over 420 clinical hours. Making things is a deep abiding passion and obsession for her. She loves creating beautiful, high-quality products and sharing the transformative properties of herbs and essential oils! She enjoys learning about the herbs, processes by which they work, and exercising design skills when putting the whole collection together. Vanessa lived in Naples, Italy, Norfolk, Virginia, and Charleston, South Carolina before settling in Jacksonville, Florida. When she met Anthony Copeland, they decided to open a business together. In November of 2016, Body & Soul was born!